About Your Developer

In 2012 I retired from the Marine Corps and moved back to Yuma.  I brought with me a career history of matching effective solutions to various customer and technical challenges.  After my Marine Corps retirement I worked as a database administrator with Yuma County ITS, leveraging my experience with information systems, business process improvement, and a degree in Computer Science from Hawaii Pacific University.  I thoroughly enjoy working with data, but being a database administrator “pays the bills”.  Yet, I was missing the satisfaction of connecting people and their business issues with technical solutions outside of just data.

While the heat of summer curtailed some outdoor activities in the summer of 2012 I revitalized a growing platform for myself to connect people to technical solutions for the Yuma community and beyond.  I enjoy the diversity that comes with discovering stakeholder needs, constraints, and business rules and helping people put technology to work for them.  Computers themselves are no different, philosophically, from hammers.  The domains differ, but you shouldn’t need to be an information systems professional in order to increase the services you perform while decreasing the effort with which they are performed.  But I’m eager to help with the “heavy-lifting” that translates your needs to their solutions.

I am now with Arizona Western College and continuing to translate business needs in technology and help lead a team of professionals to keeping our enterprise applications running well and serving the communities of Yuma and La Paz Counties.  I have since received my Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems and am eyeing a Doctorate.  I sincerely enjoy collaborating with new people on a variety of topics, but helping your business processes succeed in technology and maximize that investment is of keen interest.


My LinkedIn profile is here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/devinkibler/