About Your Developer

In 2012 I retired from the Marines and moved back to Yuma.  I brought with me a career history of matching effective solutions to various customer and technical challenges.  While I work as a database administrator experience with information systems and a degree in Computer Science from Hawaii Pacific University, I began work as a database administrator to “pay the bills” but I missed the satisfaction of connecting people with technical solutions.

While the heat of summer kept most of us indoors I began work creating a new platform for myself to do just that for the Yuma community and beyond.  I enjoy the diversity that comes with discovering stakeholder needs, constraints, and business rules and helping people put technology to work for them.  Computers are no different, philisophically, from hammers or any other tool and you shouldn’t need to be computer-friendly to put them to work for you.  But I’m really eager to help with the “heavy-lifting”.